SAPPHIRE $100,000
Prize Giveaway!
Now more products qualify to enter!
Buy* a HD5550, HD5570 or HD5670
and get a chance at $100,000 in prizes!
Win an Apple iPad
Win an Apple iPod Touch
Win a Scooter
*No purchase necessary. See contest page for details.
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SAPPHIRE $100,000 Prize Giveaway Contest Winners to Date:

Apple® iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi:
Alain Lepoutre, France
Jeffrey Slauenwhite, Canada
Russell Giordano, USA
Ángel Villodre, Spain
Jocelyn  Peyrol, France
Raymond Berry, USA
Henry Espejo Rocha, Colombia
Martin Walters, UK
Brett Bulkin, USA
Roth Günther, Austria
Norbert Neisen, Germany
Adam Keane, Canada
Abdul Ahmed, UK
Paul Sandbrook, UK
Marck Gatbunton, USA
Russ Engle, USA
Chris Savage, USA
Steve Wong, Canada
Matthew Sobocan, Canada

Apple® iPod Touch 8GB:
Duy Nguyen, Canada
Markus Volke, Germany
William Stuart, USA
Dana Goyette, USA
Steven Lassche, USA
Manuel Margine, Canada
Szabo Ferenc, Hungary
Andrew Willey, Canada
Henrique Grazioli, Brazil
Lars Hansen, Germany
Sinem Demirci, Turkey
Orhan Oguz, Turkey
Lukas Hanus, Czech Republic
Philipp Kuehle, Germany
Jonathon Barriere, USA
Murat Avci, Turkey
Ben Seroussi, Germany
Kenneth Snyder, USA
Colin Arundel, UK

Here's what some of them had to say:

"SAPPHIRE, you're spoiling me!"
Chris Savage, Winner of an Apple® iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi

"SAPPHIRE is the best... I can't believe it! It is good to reward the loyalty of a customer who has purchased a quality product."
Henry Espejo Rocha, Winner of an Apple® iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi

"To say that I was surprised would be an understatement... All this was due to my purchase of a SAPPHIRE Graphics Card. Boy, what an improvement from the previous HD 4200 graphics! I'm really bowled over with my lovely prize! Thanks again, SAPPHIRE."
Paul Sandbrook, Winner of an Apple® iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi

"Sweet -- I can have fun with it, AND use it as a PDA!  I'm glad I bought that Sapphire HD 5570!"
Dana Goyette, Winner of an Apple® iPod Touch 8GB

"I really appreciate this gift and it's one more reason to believe that buying Sapphire was a good choice from the beginning."
-Ángel Villodre, winner of an Apple® iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi
"Thank you so much Sapphire, you really have a way of showing your appreciation to customers."
-Jeffrey Slauenwhite, Winner of an Apple® iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi

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